Graham’s Malvedos 1996 Vintage Port






Deep black plum colour


Intensely rich aromas of very ripe sweet plums and layered with hints of spiced fruitcake. Sweet tobacco

Taste & Other Notes

From a good but not great or exceptional vintage this is rich, spicy and simply delicious. It has layers flavours with black fruit (blackberry, black currant) a touch of mint freshness and with rich, warming heat from the alcohol. The long satisfying sweet yet dry tannin finish packed with fruit, plum and spice characters makes it a most enjoyable end to a dinner.

If you have some in your cellar I would be drinking it now, I don’t think it will improve any with more age so enjoy it while it is drinking very well. The wine should be decanted before serving as it does throw some sediment.


This was a dinner party wine we enjoyed with friends and is worth repeating the winery information on the back label – so here it is.

“Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos is one oif the finest vineyard properties in the Alto Douro. Situated near Tua it enjoys a magnificent south facing position bordering on the river Douro. The Quinta takes its name from the rapids or ‘Malvedos’ which existed below the property before dams were built on the Douro.

“Most years produce at least a small quantity of top-class Port and the exceptionally fine wines of the Melvedos are bottled when two years old, as is traditional with Vintage Port.”

Graham’s Ports are imported and distributed by EuroVintage.

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